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The Hotel WIND (Xiamen Leya Wuyin Jiudian) is located a block away from the Xiamen coast on the south side of the island city.     Hungry guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines between this Xiamen hotel's Chinese,  Western and Japanese restaurants.     Stay in shape at the fitness center,  enjoy a yoga session,  read a book in the library or just unwind in the sauna room or spa. Free parking and Wi-Fi in public areas are also available..[View Detail]     

住客评论 408条评论     4.6分/5分 更多
  • danana1210
    Hotel design is very characteristic, icing on the cake is very strong! staff friendly, when you will choose
  • ailwa
    Want to live, don't want to go. humanized design runs through every detail, perfect hotel
  • fatmomo
    The hotel is very clean, service or a private cinema!
  • abby barrel
    Hotel is beautiful, the service is also very good, surrounding traffic is not very convenient, suitable for driving car
  • fangming200922
    Is said to be very good
  • lsf20110101
    Very good hotel, next time will go live
  • e00107447
    Price/performance is not high, services and hotels in the same price is still far away. Choose carefully!
  • a0664651
    Beautiful environment and strong sense of design, health in place, quiet and comfortable!
    Love hotel
  • willber88
    Didn't spot it! very few parking spaces! very disappointed!
  • adauf
    Very classical. recommended
  • supertnt666
    Unique is too small in the lobby don't feel the atmosphere can also
  • lyj321
    Very nice hotel, it is worth
  • nlp02152
    Overall good location, balcony bath super beautiful!
    Hotel location, take a taxi or something is not convenient. design of public areas is very distinctive, very suitable for small consumer. staff were very polite, breakfast great.
  • David200926
    Mighty is the most satisfactory hotel stay in Xiamen, the service great, details do well next time to stay.
  • GMS Experts
    Location is a bit remote, but overall OK! have a car is very convenient!
  • d3 South pian
    Just met hotel of offers 2 sent 1 activities, hotel really of is Rod, is has style of a hotel, service personnel are is good, health is Rod rod of. location compared partial, out Zhongshan Road probably to 30 block of taxi fee, hotel also has appointment free car out fixed of attractions, but is has time paragraph provides of, also try had appointment has results they make wrong time didn't car out of situation. overall hotel of environment is good of! live of is pleasant.
  • e01065162
    Environment is OK, price is a little expensive, this price can live almost serene Villa.
  • e01899763
    Very quiet, very good, facilities good
  • eclipse
    Advanced facilities, service very good, special hotel, praise
  • lxl8666
    Located in the Villa district, to the various attractions shuttle service, front desk next to a refrigerator stocked with beverages, are free, passion fruit is very tasty, and serves homemade, can stay longer next time slowly, feeling a day to play enough, many facilities in the hotel are not experienced.
  • Floater
    Comfortable leisurely service, boutique hotel, good place to relax
  • comma
    Parents said the environment was great, service also good
  • river521
    Second stay, room registered slower than the average, the room was so small, the price doesn't mean much here, it can't find hotels that night, it will be.
  • cyberdog911
    Very good hotel, great features
  • J987689
    Unique design and generous, good facilities
  • citycruser
    Hotel with minimalist décor theme hotels, prices not cheap. breakfast at the hotel was slightly less hardware design features of the hotel, but the hotel staff slightly cold. friends don't live it is recommended that you can feel it.
  • alex228
    The room layout is simple and bright, next time will also take into account
  • Feigg
    In the decoration at the front desk, only in the temporary reception formalities, still feel is a bit poor, room design, but not practical.
  • Bisam
    Hotel design is good, quiet, enjoy! far from City Center, one street away from the sea, going downtown can take 92 road, very convenient!
  • Lei Sun
    Very good, very good. very interesting hotel. Special recognition of marketing Mandy is very nice.
  • geminibobo
    Great experience, hotel is very new, the surrounding environment over, the buffet is also OK
  • rebeccaxian
    Spatial and architectural design is very good, is within half a hillside Villa, but the surrounding little supporting travel, must rely on the drive.
  • acumox
    Location is very remote, the room air is not good. have a taste, decoration is stylish, breakfast is very simple, less food.
  • ocean
    Rooms near the roadside, noisy, not suitable for trouble
  • ling0w
    All right
  • aileen20051020
  • wl199219199219
    Decoration of the hotel is characteristic, self-driving tour easy parking! staff is very good!
  • blue F
    Very comfortable
  • tatagi013
    The environment is good
  • lyw_us
    The trip, the next settlement!
  • joe_jing
    Live in 60 sea facing overall pretty good on the side of the road a bit noisy passion fruit cocktail welcome drink?.
  • cocolot
    Have children to play little bunker building very simple I like but the details do well
  • lupuming
    This is perfect
  • a_xiao0808
    The hotel is the worst I lived
  • cbb-colin
    Very good great hotel! Super like this simple, simple, return natural of wood quality fashion style, is has design sense, we live of is mighty 60, room is big, inside all of supplies are is good! also has looked magazine, CD play machine also is good sound, room within since with several Zhang disc, has two Zhang music of, broadcast of when tie room of style like body at nature, quiet of forest as, unfortunately Xiamen only stay a night, meaning Judah not do does. also has sentWelcome fruit plate. Breakfast is generally, not a lot, compared to hotels of the same price, no way, eat eat things high (* ^ __ ^ *) ... ... Because it is the sea, out of a taxi with the drops or the hotel can help. Send a couple of clock cycles, but more than two hours to 100 per hour per vehicle, not a good deal, so the bike shop or at the seaside rental car, hotel's car will look good ridingMany look like. Kung Fu tea in room, da Hong Pao tea is donated by Fujian, texture was good, told her husband quietly two pots of tea in the evening, so noise is good ~ ~ next time, have the opportunity to choose this.
  • miya0303
    I is old households has, hotel environment good, in Xiamen Villa district within, backer surface sea, but this some place feel than once upon a, first, breakfast than once upon a type increasingly less, quality declined badly, second, customer service personnel attitude than zhiqian warm intimate, yiqian like family, to I left deep impression, now although also will meet you of requirements, but most face, no smile, hope Le ya mighty continues to efforts, don't live up to has we these fans of wishes andLooking forward to
  • mimilele
    Very good
  • m00909406
    Attitude of the hotel staff were particularly good, it is a true boutique hotel, are very good in all aspects of Interior design, breakfast bacon are delicious just as species by some a little less. location but overall was very good, especially the cinema